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Lawn Mowing and Trimming  •  Blowing  •  Fertilizing  •  Weed Perimeter Spray  •  Hedge Trimming  •  Sprinkler Start Up  •  Sprinkler Blowout  •  Timer Adjustments Throughout the Year

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Proper lawn care is the most important part of your home… or at least it should be. A good curb appeal can add nearly 15% in value to your home. The problem is, getting that lush green lawn that we all want seems to be unattainable and that it only comes to those who are lucky. Getting that perfect lawn doesn’t come easy. It’s more than just watering, trimming and mowing that will get you the perfect lawn. Fortunately, you have the experts at BC Landscaping to look to for help in turning your disaster of a landscape into the lawn of your dreams. We have nearly 20 years of experience in making your lawn look the best it can be and keeping it that way.

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Careful lawn care requires the right amount of water and sometimes it seems your sprinklers just aren’t doing their job. They might be spraying your house and damaging your siding, or wasting water by spraying your walkways. And lets face it, adjusting those sprinklers can be a tricky task, but very necessary!
If your lawn doesn’t get the water it needs, it could become dry and dreary. Fortunately, it’s never too late to contact BC Landscapeing to rescue your precious grass!


Just like we need our vitamins, the grass needs it’s fertilizer. The problem is, each grass and soil has it’s own specific needs. Fertilizers come is all different formulas, forms, and qualities. They can be gaseous, solid, or liquid. Some are meant for spreading during the Spring, Summer, Fall, and even Winter months. to make matters worse, the best qualities of fertilizers are reserved for professionals who are licensed to spread it.
It’s for all of these reasons that applying fertilizer isn’t easy. But at BC Landscaping we have the training and know-how to determine what type of fertilizer your lawn needs and how to apply it correctly, so give us a call! You be glad you did!

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We’ve all wanted those picture perfect hedges, but who really has the time! 

Hedge trimming is exhausting and time consuming work, and when done improperly, it shows. When you sign up for BC Landscaping’s Complete Lawn Care Service you will get your weekends back AND you’ll have the outdoor space of your dreams!
Some times dreams do come true.


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